Thursday, 29 October 2015

What representations are evident in the Beats by Dre. Dre adverts that help to the audience to purchase the product?

Beats by Dre. Dre are one of the most popular selling headphones in the world. Many celebrities including Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Kendall and Kylie Jenner have advertised for Beats. Dr.Dre wanted people to realise that they were not “hearing all the music” just like he was. He wanted people to truly feel the music as he is and the only possible way to do this was to buy his product. Beats come in different forms: Headphones, wireless headphones, earphones, the pill etc. These types of headphones come in different vibrant colours and are advertised by different celebrities.

Different representations have been used in the Beats adverts. A representation is the way the media portrays particular groups, ideas, and communities in an ideological point of view. When Beats originally came into the electronic industry, the advertisements only featured male black celebrities. As time went on and as the Beats business grew, females and other ethnicities were featured in the adverts. The first advert featuring Neymar uses the ‘Game before the Game’ campaign. It doesn’t use a black rap artist but instead a footballer.

The first advert, featuring Neymar, is a mid-shot. Yellow and green are the colours in the Brazilian flag. These colours are presented on the Beats Neymar is wearing. This could mean that Neymar isn’t just playing ‘the game’ for himself but for his nation. It represents passion and an urge to fight for his country’s victory. Neymar is patriotic and is prepared for the battle he is about to face. The advert also brings a sense of leadership to the audience. To some extent this advert could be seen to be stereotypical because of his gender. Why does it have to be a male that leads his country and not a female? Why couldn’t a female football player have advertised beats?

Neymars clothing associates well with football. People who are unfamiliar with Neymar may be able to guess his profession by his clothing and by the fact that he is in a locker room.  His body posture relates to the campaign. Before the goals and before the glory, there is a game, a mental game not just for the footballers but also for the fans. They are tormented with doubts and distractions. What would happen if they loose? What would happen if they let their nation down? Neymars posture allows the audience to realise his mind is experiencing this ‘game’. Additionally, his facial expression indicates that he is focused with only the possibility of winning on his mind.  The low-key lighting as well as the gloomy colours sets an animalistic atmosphere to the advert. The font for the ‘game before the game’ campaign is big and bold. This could mean that the advertisers want the audience to think what the quote really means and if they have ever been through such an experience.

The audience may question where Neymar is actually looking. There appears to be light from outside reflecting on to Neymars face. It could be argued that he is in the trance of the ‘game’ so therefore staring but he could also be looking at something possibly out of a window.

The second advert features the tennis player Serena Williams. The shot is taken from a side angle. The background colour is dark green. The dark green in this advert is similar to the green on a soldiers uniform.  A solider has a duty to defend innocent people as well as save their lives. A solider has to have power and strength just like Serena advertises here. The audience knows she is strong mainly because of her big muscles. For this reason she has power. This power may be channelled into her game. In a stereotypical point of view, Serena could be said to have the characteristics of a man in this advertisement. Strength and power are words usually associated with men not women. For this reason, this advert is a countertype.  Furthermore, women stereotypically stick to duties in a household such as cleaning and cooking but Serena is pictured to be working out in order for her to become stronger. This may be a way of attracting a female audience. The advert may be saying that females have more potential instead sticking to simple duties. Females are just as capable as men. Her ring and nail vanish allow her feminine side to still be present.

The room is mainly empty. This could mean that nothing can distract her and she is completely focus on her strategy. Her facial expression also adds to the fact that she is focused and serious. It’s a possibility that she is actually visualising the game. It is also a possibility that the music from the Beats is allowing her to be focused and able to visualise.  Black people are stereotypically strong and powerful people. This is shown well in the advert.

The size of the beats in this advert is small. Beats may want people to see that such a small object can produce good quality sound. Moreover, it’s not a big object to carry around. The fact that it white makes it more prominent.

The advertisement featuring Serena Williams, in my opinion, is the most persuasive. It shows the audience that women are capable to pursue any career they desire. It also shows that power and strength are factors of leadership of which women are also capable to accomplish.   This may be because I am a female myself. A male may choose Neymars advert, as Neymar is a male. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Mercedes Benz advert appears to aimed at a male audience. The quote states "Men talk about women, sports and cars. Women talk about men inside sports cars." This quote may be labelled as sexist as the quote reinforces the idea that men can only drive a sports cars and a women would just  be the person to fall in love with that man. In reality, a women's life is never based on a man in a sports car and that isn't all we talk about. The age the advert is aimed at is most likely males between 25-50. Males below the age of 25 may not have much money. The advert is quite mature and is obviously not aimed at a very young target audience. The colours are also quite dark which could also signify maturity and the background is stereotypically a males favourite colour.

The instant coffee advert may be targeted adults who have children. It shows a young boy with a saxophone in his hand and a ball above his head. A saxophone is quite a loud instrument and a ball of that size is probably able to break items inside a house. Using a young boy in this advert possibly symbolises stereotypical ideas of untidiness, loudness etc. All these things will need a parent to be awake as well as alert to look after this child pick up after him. The advert uses the word 'reality' which may be saying that you need this coffee during the day in order to stay alert and awake.

The tango advert is aimed at a younger audience possibly the ages between 11-25. They use the word 'innit' to possibly draw a younger audience to the advert. It also mentions that this person shaved their Nans hair which is quite a reckless thing to do. We may associate recklessness with young people. It also uses quite vibrant colours which may symbolise youth unlike the Mercedes Benz advert which uses dark and mature colours.  


Monday, 28 September 2015



Shot 1 allows the audience to understand that this character is most likely trapped or hiding from the two other male characters. Her hair in camouflaged with the shadow behind her which may signify the fact that she wants to stay hidden. Furthermore, the ambient lighting, possibly deriving from a window, may symbolise her urge to escape. This creates tension as we as an audience know she wants to escape but realise she can't without being seen.

Shot 2 is a close up. The characters face is slightly turned conceivably indicating that she is trying to listen for any bits of key information that the two male characters may be talking about. Although, her eyes are focused on the drawers beside her. From this, we can assume that she was maybe looking for something in those drawers but got interrupted by these two men. Her facial expression does tell the audience that she is frightened but still intrigued with the other two characters conversation.

Shot 3 is at a slightly low angle. It allows the female character to appear more vulnerable to the audience. The male character with the leather jacket appears to be holding what looks like a gun as the other male character is in agitated state. His stereotypical facial expression allows the audience to realise that this character is frightened of the other male character or maybe held hostage. In addition, the female character seems to be listening hard into the conversation between the two males. The character in leather could also be seen as the villain by his type of clothing.  Black leather connotes a dark and evil atmosphere. Stereotypically, villains don't often wear formal or casual attire. The other male character is wearing formal clothing which may indicate that he has a job working with teenagers at a school. The fact that the female character is listening to intriguingly creates tension as we may ask ourselves what decisions she will make after gathering all the information she requires. From all this information, the audience can presume what genre this film/ series fits into.

Shot 4 is also at a slightly lower angle. The phone may possibly tell the audience how old this film/ series is. In a modern day film/series, we expect touch screen phone but this one is obviously not touch screen at looks quite old. The fact that we can see carpet may suggest that the female character is holding the phone as we know she is the one crouching down. The phones composition may suggest that the character holding it isn't desperate to use it, it's not pressed against her ear. It also looks like she is showing the phone to someone else possibly indicating that she has been caught by the two males or there is someone else there.